"Two among the best blues musicians in Italy: guitar, percussion and vocals to live an unforgettable experience" (March 2015) - BERGAMO BLUES FESTIVAL, SOUND 198.

The Black Stompers

Lockdown Blues

Five years after its foundation, the first record production of the Black Stompers duo (Max Pierini on guitars and voices, Pablo Leoni on drums and percussion). This international production sees the participation of guest stars such as Andy J Forest (US), Giles Robson (UK), Alain Michel (FR) on harmonica and session men such as Alessandro Diaferio on bass and Franco Limido on harmonica.

Seven autographed pieces that explore human sensations and conditions such as the isolation recently experienced during  the lockdowns (Fragile Beings), the need for union and continuation we all strive for (Desperate Unison), the depth of meditation (Heart), the surreal image of war (Shiny Rain) and the bizarre forms of superstition (Friday the 13th) or that paint unusual landscapes for imaginary places such as hell (Hell) and heaven (Paradise). A traditional song (Black Girl) in acoustic guise, the autobiographical piece by Bukka White (Parchman Farm Blues) painted with oriental sounds, a song from the bluegrass tradition (Dig a Hole in the Meadow) dragged by African and syncopated rhythms.

A path that winds its way through urban grunge-blues sounds and interior acoustic spaces that open up to psychedelic auroras. A biting blues that drags from the imaginary to the tribal dance, as a tool to transcend the barriers that separate us, inside and outside of us.

The Black Stompers have played in several Blues festivals, such as:

Mega Blues Festival (IT), Festi-Vercland (FR), L'Orangerie (FR), Ponti Blues Festival (IT), Bergamo Blues Festival (IT), Caslano Blues Nights (CH), Blues River Festival (IT) and many others.